Un-Dividing the World

FIERCE CIVILITY is committed to bringing the tools, strategies, and programs to people on the front lines of human interaction, creating greater capacity for surprising alliances.
Fierce Civility Mission

What is the Fierce Civility Project?

●  Tools​ for how to transcend our biological, cultural, and tribal impulses of survival—the fight-flight-freeze response—that lead to separation (breaking and othering).

●  Strategies​ for releasing the gridlock caused by extreme polarization, and effectively shift to “bridging and alliance-building” to find new solutions even in the most unlikely places.

●  Programs​ for building capacity to be in the tension with people who are different, or hold viewpoints that are challenging, leading to more creativity and forward movement.

Our Vision

A new approach to civility, expansive and focused on individuals and small groups.

Our Mission

We are focused on ​building capacity​ for individuals and groups to work together in more dynamic and collaborative ways to seek out new solutions to our current problems.

Our Theory of Change

Individual transformation leads to cultural transformation. It can be initiated anywhere, by anyone. Each individual determines their own scope of influence - family, neighbors and colleagues, community, city, state, nation, globe.

Let’s create something extraordinary together