Todd Hoskins

Todd Hoskins is the former Ecosystem Director of the Weston Network and a certified facilitator since 2019. He is both a practitioner and thought leader in the art and science of working together, with a focus on the dynamics of life that lead to coordinated movement in teams and ecosystems. In 2009, Todd launched Canopy Gap, an organization design firm inspired by his passion for nature, cooperation, collaboration and navigating complexity. With wisdom guide Marti Spiegelman, Todd co-hosts the podcast and leadership program Leading from Being. With graduate work in psychology, interest in network science and ecology, and training in awareness and somatic learning, Todd thrives when bridging disciplines and dimensions–from boardrooms to laboratories to forests. Having worked in the corporate world and with a variety of technology startups, entrepreneurs and nonprofits, he has helped launch 15 organizations and initiatives in the past 12 years. Todd splits his time between the tropical dry jungle of Costa Rica and the wilderness of northern Michigan.